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City life can sometimes get you down in the dumps, but nothing brightens up the area like a colorful mural. If you've got a large gray wall that you feel could be used for more productive purposes, mural painting services are the perfect solution.

King Frog is a muralist working in Lakeland and Tampa, FL. His vibrant art style lends itself perfectly to the medium of murals. Reach out today to learn more about working with this talented local artist.

5 good reasons to commission a mural

5 good reasons to commission a mural

Wondering how mural painting services can benefit you? A mural can:

  1. Add color and life to the area
  2. Create a tangible sense of place
  3. Increase feelings of community
  4. Give the public access to art
  5. Encourage foot traffic and tourism
If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, commission King Frog as your local muralist. You'll be glad you did.

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