Find a Local Artist for Your Public Event

Hire a dynamic public speaker for your Tampa, FL-area event

Do you need a public speaker for an upcoming event? Not only does King Frog display his work in Lakeland and Tampa, FL art shows, but he also leads corporate events and team-building seminars. As a public speaker, he shares his inspirational story of transitioning from playing for the Eagles to diving headfirst into the art world.

An artist can offer the unique perspective you need to keep participants engaged. Call today to find out if King Frog is right for your upcoming event.

What types of events can King Frog help with?

What types of events can King Frog help with?

King Frog works with members of the Lakeland and Tampa, FL communities by attending a wide variety of community events. He can help with:

  • Team-building seminars
  • Corporate events
  • Local art shows
  • Public speaking events

One of his more popular seminars is a painting workshop where every participant paints their own canvas. In the end, all the art is brought together to create one larger, unified piece. Reach out today to book a date.