Limited Edition Kobe Bryant Pieces

In honor of Kobe Bryant, Aaron has made 24 paintings as a tribute. Each piece is 24 in x 24 in and is hand-signed and numbered by Aaron himself. Each painting is $40 plus $5.50 for shipping costs. Call today or click the button below to get your Kobe Bryant piece.

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Learn more about this Tampa, FL local artist

As your local artist serving both Hollywood and Tampa, FL, the mission of King Frog is to connect and build the community through art, expression and mutually beneficial relationships that are centered around growth-mindedness, love, respect, support and all-around happiness.

If you've been looking for a local mural painter, you've come to the right place. Reach out today to learn more about the art of King Frog.

What can King Frog do for you?

Have you been looking for a local artist in the Hollywood or Tampa, FL area? Call King Frog if you need someone to:

Speak at a public event

Run a team-building seminar

Create a beautiful mural

Paint or sketch a custom portrait

Display art at a local show

Whether you need a mural painter or a public speaker, King Frog is the artist for you.

Discover why art is so important

Art brings the community together. When people share the experience of viewing artwork, they are able to connect with one another in a completely unique way. A mural artist can work with you to create something that will speak to everyone.

Schools, community organizations and businesses throughout the Hollywood and Tampa, FL areas can count on King Frog to create powerful works of art for them. Call today go over all the details with the artist himself.